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Sanctuary of the Cetaceans

Sanremo and the Italian Riviera are in the ideal location to make sure their guests can go to the discovery of a magical expanse of sea, where during the summer months hundreds of cetaceans meet up. These nice sea mammals are protected by an international convention, which concerns a large area included between Corsica, Liguria and Southern France. It will then be easy to go out in the open sea and observe the protected species fully respecting the rules of the ecosystem. Surely you will come across dolphins and stenellas, which will start leaping out of water, playing near the boat. If you are really lucky, you will spot the placid bulk of the imposing fin whale. Or the raised tale of a sperm whale diving head-first into the sea depths, searching for great squids, its favourite food. Or bump into more rare and peculiar specimen, one cuvier’s beaked whale, a shoal of Risso’s dolphins, with their striped backs. And every day there will be unique thrills.

Sanctuary of the Cetaceans

For detailed information about the Sanctuary of the Cetaceans and whale watching in Sanremo, please visit the website:

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